We Provide A Full Range Of Services including:

  • On & Off Charter Surveys
    Inspections conducted prior to going on charter (On-Hire) and when coming off charter (Off-Hire). Includes a detailed description of the vessel and a detailed account of the condition at the time of survey. A full internal and external inspection is performed.
On & Off Charter Surveys
  • Tiedown Surveys
    Inspection performed aboard a vessel or barge to determine that the cargo loaded is secured sufficiently for the intended transportation. These surveys usually include a “Sea Fastening Certificate” issued at the time of completion and is followed up with a detailed report and photographs of our attendance. Recommendations for the voyage are normally included as well.
Tiedown Surveys
  • Condition & Valuation Surveys
    A Condition & Valuation Survey is usually done for financial or insurance purposes. These surveys cover all aspects of the vessel’s condition except for internal workings of machinery and other listed exceptions (such as for the underwater hull if performed in the water). These surveys, if done for “Insurance Purposes” will include recommendations. The final report will include an estimate of the vessel or barges Current Market Value as well as the Replacement Value.
Condition & Valuation Surveys
  • Trip-In-Tow SurveysSurvey performed prior to a voyage that includes inspection of all vessel’s / barges involved along with their respective cargo. The route plan and towing gear are also reviewed / inspected and all of this is done to determine adequacy of the equipment for the intended transportation. These surveys are done for inland as well as offshore voyages. A “Trip in Tow Certificate” is included along with trip / voyage recommendations.
  • Damage Surveys
    Damage surveys are performed to determine the nature, cause and extent of damages. Assignments generally include detailed digital photos along with all findings and corresponding recommendations for repair. Bids are usually solicited as well. Damage surveys can be conducted on any type of marine vessel, docks or structures and cargo.
Damage Surveys
  • Fuel & Lube Surveys
    Fuel & lube or “Bunker” surveys are performed for the purpose of obtaining the quantity of fuel oil and lube oil on board a vessel prior to and after hire. The actual sounding is usually performed by the vessel’s chief engineer or captain in the presence of the attending surveyor. After the actual sounding of each tank is taken, the vessels sounding tables are used to determine the amount of fuel / lube on board.
Fuel & Lube Surveys