Stansbury & Associates, LLC We offer a full range of marine survey and consulting services for Recreational, Commercial, and Fishing Vessels.
Marine Surveyors & Consultants Serving the Gulf Coast, Mexico, the Caribbean, East Coast, and Great Lakes region.
20+ Years In The Maritime Industry
Professional, Thorough, and Accurate.

Stansbury & Associates, LLC is a general oilfield marine surveying and consulting firm based in Morgan City, Louisiana. With over twenty years experience as a full time Accredited Marine Surveyor, we serve clients throughout the Gulf Coast Region, and occasionally in Mexico, the Caribbean, along the East Coast, and near the Great Lakes. Our current staff has a combined 42 years experience in the marine fabrication, repair and surveying industry.

Through these years of experience, we have the knowledge to provide a comprehensive inspection of your vessels, barges, and tugs. We evaluate many different aspects of the vessel or barges condition as well as the systems on board to provide you a detailed assessment. After completing the survey, you will be provided with a comprehensive written survey report detailing the findings of our inspection. Our reports usually include digital photographs as well.  Also when necessary, recommendations regarding required repairs are offered.

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